Our Incubated Startups

EON Surya

Eon Surya is a solar energy-based start-up that provides a solar energy solution to fulfill thermal energy requirements at moderate temperatures backed by the thought of supporting human life and reducing carbon footprint using renewable energy sources.

Lifetronics Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Lifetronics Engineering Pvt. Ltd. ia a startup which makes businesses through research, development, and manufacturing innovative products that facilitate support to human life and healthcare.

Genesis Controls

Genesis control works in training engineering students for industrial automation systems through workshops and on-site visits to real world industries.

MOO Diagnostics

MOO Diagnostics aims to reduce the level of increasing antimicrobial resistance in the Indian Dairy Sector. (The proposed product will be a paper/membrane-based strip detection kit for antibiotics in milk and sub-clinical mastitis disease of cattle, which can be easily used in dairy farms/industries.)

U – Store

The startup U store created, the buying and selling platform within a college domain, where the students are both buyer and seller.


RFvis Technologies is a product-based company, working for the advancement of RF technologies in India., which works towards designing the future of radio frequency technologies that aim to solve our needs of the current times while making us ready for the future requisites.


Realising the problem of student-teacher engagement, Kendel Innovations brought about an Innovative solution which utilizes AR VR technology to bridge the gap between students and teachers and helps establish a better education environment focusing on better understanding of concepts and thus facilitating the yield better results

Ergolife solutions

Ergonomics Solutions keeps a vision of providing low-cost ergonomic solutions for the work station design and recommend interventions for office/workplace/home for working of active daily life.

Sanved Technologies

Sanved technologies, along with some doctors from MAIDS innovated Dental Ultrasound Broken Instrument Retrieval system to replace the annoying Root Canal Therapy (RCT) which brings along breakage and inhibits proper cleaning and shaping of the root canal, thus providing an economical and easy solution to the problem.

Vizvas Nose Filters

Vizvas works on nose filters, approved from various doctors that helps humans in breathing better air just by filtering it out while it sits and fits easily into their nose.


The startup, Kayrio, aims to make the most of the available technologies for building innovative solutions for the benefits of individuals with autism, their families/other caregivers and make them accessible for the masses, thus facilitating a mass-learning initiative which is easily replicable across boundaries and demography.


CoolAge is a startup, intending to improvise the campus life of 37M+ students as well as other campus juntas in India by just Connecting Campus to its Community. It got selected in Google DSC Solution Challenge 2020, & was in the top 10 among 68+ countries & from that achievement, they realized the impact of this solution in the real world especially in India, and now are on the go.

Meditex Industries Pvt Ltd

Mediatex has developed a patient shifting device has been, to replace the old cumbersome method of the same, by producing samples at a nearby factory and carrying out the performance analysis of the bedsheet at Christian Medical College, Ludhiana.The patent for the product has been applied and was published in the official journal of the India Patent office


NIT Tech Solutions Private Limited provides the campus management solutions to walled campuses like educational institutions with residential facilities for students and faculty/staff or housing societies. The services include laundry service, canteen/food services, good quality accommodation and manpower on outsourcing basis for hostel management or security services. Most of the government educational institutes provide the basic facilities to its residents in comparison to their private counterparts.

Innostart Construction Solutions

Construction solutions came up with the idea of a pervious concrete pavement solution which allows the water to percolate into the road by itself after encountering a road flooded with water.


The startup SkillyPandaz building a platform for hiring the people, and provide a work to them according to the skill.


The startup, RaMCom endorses the RF and microwave component industry, with the objective of this startup to develop the active and passive components for Radio and microwave frequency wireless communication systems.

Eskairo Private Limited

Eskairo is a startup training children on STEM concepts where children are trained online, and through weekly workshops, for creative solutions in AI and Robotics.

ACG Inventix

ACG Inventix is a leading laboratory for cutting-edge technology development and implementation for mankind. Engaged in the day to day life solutions, product development, and hands-on education.


Quevera’s idea to create an affordable and simple biofeedback system stems from their Ph.D. research work towards creating a low-cost and engaging biofeedback system.


FreeCo Education Pvt. Ltd. is an ed-tech startup that aims at providing affordable Peer to Peer counseling amongst the students and is also a leading player in the B2B EdTech content services and has collaborated with leading national and international brands like Brainly, Byjus, Toppr, Unacademy, Physicswallah etc.


An edu-Tech company that provided 360-degree virtual college tours.

INS Technologies

Creating safe and empowering public spaces with women and girls

Fun in Pathshala

Hybrid model for science teaching with real time demonstration

Hygel Technologies Ltd

Making liquid hydrogen out of waste products.

EnvCat Shodh Pvt. Ltd.

Aerogel is to absorb oil during oil spillages 

Xovian Aerospace

Real time satellite data capturing and sharing.